miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012

Sínce almost two years I have been a member of a book club in English. I have studied at E.O.I Idiomas de Moratalaz and it was one of the optional activities that a lovely teacher offered to us.
Coming regullary it is not a easy thing to me. I have always plenty of work. First year we met during the week at 3.30, Last Year we met on Fridays and this year there was a mystery about our meetings because the teacher on charge had so many things to do. Finally We managed to meet again
Fortunately this year we meet very late, so I can sometimes make an efford and come. If I cannot go, I always read the book.

Very different people come to our bookclub. Some people finished their English studies years ago, Some are quite new in the language but everybody like to read.
Sometimes we feel stressed because We dont understand the vocabulary. We are Spaniars and we try to do an efford but we dont have time enough. Personally, I feel very confortable reading in English, It doesn´t matter to me if I cannot understand everything. I like the sensation that I am reading just exactly the words that we author wanted to say.

During these years I have becomen more and more hooked about this club. I like the idea of people recommending books to read and commenting together. Some books that  I have read during this years, like Norwegian Wood or The Ice princess were bestseller but also a complete strangers to me. I have enjoyed them a lot and I have read more books written by the same author. when I cannot go I feel very sorry and missed our meetings.

This month we have read The Art of Racing in the Rain. My personal opinion about the book is quite positive. As Maria José, the teacher,  said about herself I am easilly pleased, so I have enjoyed it a lot. The narrator is a dog who tells the story of his family. I think nobody would say it is a masterpiece because it is a very simple story. Neverless, I strongly recommend this book to everybody who wants to spend a good time and wants to reflect about the human behaviour.
I have though about this book. I wouldnt like to have a family like that, specially a family in law like that! I have been thinking about the originality of the book, If I had been the autor, I would never have chosen a dog as a narrator. Sometimes I try to be on the author´s shoes....and I always think different.

To summarize, going to a book club is a good oportunity to meet people who shares with you the same passions, I strongly recommend everybody to have a try. For me it is one of my hobbies.

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